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I am running LibreOffice on a Windows 7 Home Premium system (64 bit) with 20GB RAM.

Installed LibreOffice a month ago and it ran fine for a while. Then, a couple of days ago I could not open LibreOffice Draw. It hung up on the opening splash 'LibreOffice 5,' and stayed that way for hours. I tried a couple of fixes from the web, one of which was to remove indexing from the C: drive. That did not work.

What DID work was to run a 'Repair' on LibreOffice.

1) go to 'Start,' 'Control Panel'

2) find 'Programs and Features'

3) find the installation of LibreOffice and Right Click on it, 

4) Three options should appear a. Uninstall b. Change c. Repair
    Select 'Repair.'

5) LibreOffice will run through several operations and then request a reboot.

6) Once rebooted, attempt to reopen LibreOffice.

For me, this worked perfectly and I was able to work with LibreOffice Draw again.