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I don't know how to add an attachment in the 'comments' editor, so I created this answer (which should have been a comment).

I was able to find an old screenshot of a Calc file that has the word Amsterdam in it. Also this is Liberation Sans 9 pixels (please ignore the grey background which is part of the lay out).

The font rendering was great!!!

Click for image 1

Now what I did is I pasted this image into the previous image and I created an animated gif.

So now we can see how it was (great) and how it became in version 5.3 (not great at all).

Click for image 2

I don't truly understand why this hasn't been thoroughly tested before implementing the new font rendering engine. How could this have happened? If you implement something big and new, it is supposed to improve things, and that is not what is happening here as you all can see.

The only question I have right now is ... will this be improved in a future version? Can you please tell me?