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I'm of exactly the same mind as you, Mack (OP). That damned ribbon is a disaster of a UI. MS re-designing not because it is an improvement; not because it's actually useful; but because they need to roll-out a new version of Office and Windows so that they can keep the cash rolling in. Rather than do something useful they just change the eye-candy so that the average Joe thinks, "Gosh. I need that." Pile of pish!

I'm going to move to a Win 8.1 system because I found out that it was possible to disable the ribbon in Windows Explorer - if it wasn't possible to do that I wouldn't switch from Win7. When I need to use MS Office I still use Office 2003 because it's the last version of Office without that ribbon crap!

If LibreOffice move to a ribbon without being able to have the, completely uncompromised, fully functional proper menus UI then I'll stick with the last version of LibreOffice that didn't go down that disaster of a route.

The ribbon is just a change to make a new version of something, just to keep the cash rolling in - nothing more and nothing less.