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"Stability" can mean a number of things, it can mean software quality, it can mean provider surety (sometimes things do go away, like when a vendor gets swallowed up), or it might mean SQL language interoperability.

I've struggled with data base language interoperability over the years. I lost a huge custom built hierarchical code base many years ago that was in a btrieve data base because when I upgraded to the next version of windows the database server didn't run anymore, and it was some months before I found this out, and I lost my way to recover it.

To a lesser degree I've had an issue having to rewrite php code to move to the newer connector when the old one was being depreciated. So you'll want a way to protect yourself against a variety of things that can impact your data.

SQL, is not SQL. There is a fair amount of language variability, even though there are standards for SQL. So watch out because what one SQL supports, another SQL might not, and Base is highly dependent on SQL specifics.

I'm currently using MariaDB, a binary drop in replacement for MySQL. When Oracle bought Sun, there was fear that MySQL might not be maintained because it was in competition to Oracle's other data base products. This is still a fear. The lead author of MySQL, to make a long story short, gave us MariaDB so we can be sure it persists. I suggest you check it out. MySQL has been around for a long time and is used by a vast number of users and Internet servers. So far I've found MariaDB runs every bit as good as MySQL.

I hope to give PostgresSQL a spin someday, as I've heard many good things about it too. And Firebird is of note, because LO has adopted it as the future direction of Base to provide a built in alternative to HSLQDB 1.8, or split v2.3.

Finally, as Ratslinger, points to, you need to consider third party tools. My current favorite is HeidiSQL. It runs on both Linux (with WINE) and Windows, is fast and full featured. I use it to setup my databases and tables, and no longer even use the much less capable LO Tables editor. There is also phpmyadmin which I use from time to time. When things go bonk, it's nice to have a few different ways to get at your data, to test it, and sometimes to back it up or move, rename, etc.

To me that gives a measure of stability.