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I located an explanation. The following sequence works for me:

  1. Enable Form Control Toolbar (Menu: View -> Toolbars -> Form Controls)
  2. Turn on design mode (Design Mode On/Off button, 2nd button with finger icon)
  3. Select Text Box control and draw one. (Text Box button, 6th button with AB icon)
  4. Open the Context menu on the TextBox, and Select "Control..." menu (4th option, with spanner icon)
  5. On Properties: Text Box dialog, Switch to Tab:"Data"
  6. Set the linked cell value as required: ($Sheet1.$A$1 for instance)
  7. Change other General and Event settings, if needed.
  8. Group or arrange controls as needed.
  9. When completed turn off design mode on Form Controls Toolbar(2nd button with finger icon).

I'm on LibreOffice (Build ID: 281b639-6baa1d3-ef66a77-d866f25-f36d45f)

As an aside, I converted my sheet from an original I created in Excel. I think my control type was originally a Label (which Excel let me reference it's text from a cell value), not a TextBox. So I changed the control type first.

Credit where it's due: the solution from this old OpenOffice thread from 2008 gave me the core details: