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You should never use "Default Style" directly. It is the base in the style hierarchy. Its only purpose is, to make settings, which are common to most of the other styles. For example, you set the language of the text here and the body type. All really used paragraph styles are directly or indirectly based on it.

The style "Text Body" is the right one for the body and "Heading 1", "Heading 2" for the headings. That does not mean, that you should use them as they are. You need to adapt them to your needs. For example, if you want to use "register true" you need to adjust the line spacing and the margins in "Text Body".

It is good practice to choose a paragraph style based on the kind of content of the paragraph, e.g. assign "Text Body" to the normal text, but "Quotations" to a block quote. Such method makes review and reformatting of texts much easier.

A substance of paragraph styles is the fact, that they are hierarchical. You should set a property only, when it always differs from its parent. For example, if you decide, that 10pt might be to small for the aged readers of you newsletter, you will change it in the style "Default Style" and all others styles will adapt accordingly, so long as you have defined the hierarchy properly.