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answered 2013-01-06 08:25:34 +0200

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When I first saw the first comment of Joel234 I regarded it is a bit exaggerated. However the the last comment @manj_k has a quiet a kernel of thruth/importance.

My proposal is to give people like manj_k or mariosv or johnSUN or horst etc would get the rights to delete registrations of spammer/ This would help. The people I listed up, and a few more, are more or less every day and every time supporting listed members with expertise answers. Thus, they could delete spams and spammers immmediately.

The last spammer I saw (see link at the very top), IvanBony, placed only 4 spam questions. Such a person should be eliminated. But, I also understand that the same person can register under many new names. A quick delete or access blocking however would raise the effort threshold for a new registration.