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Whenevert you experiment with a new tool, be it in real life or computer realm, you must be humble enough at start to expect inefficiencies and shuddering surprises which make you reconsider your certainties. This period lasts until you understand the principles on which the tool is built. You can shorten this period by reading thoroughly the documentation instead of trying to transpose blindly how you work with the previous tool, though differences are usually not that big.

From my point of view, LO has many advantages over Word and Excel because of the well designed styles feature (with the many hierarchical levels). With that, for example, Writer bridges partly the gap between trditional text processors and DTP programs.

That said, it looks like your problem seems to be you cannot install LO which is the first step. I'm not under Windows, consequently, I can't comment about the 20yr standard installation method. But 20 years ago, just installing an .exe file could be enough. Nowadays, applications have become much more complex as OSes have and installation had to evolve (think of the various DLL, libraries to copy at the right location in the directory tree, registry entries, ...). And, as far as I know, .msi looks pretty standard in Windows world.

Concerning the 20k/9.7k figures, my opinion is 20k is low: either people find LO easy to use and manage their problems by themselves (or their question was already answered) or they have no idea about this site existence. On the contrary, 9.7k is artificially high: very often when requestors get an answer, they lack the courtesy to check it as answered, which would also be a kind help for newcomers.

Now, back to your concern. First master the installation process of any application on your computer (this is a general issue if you want to customise your configuration) and I bet there are many not-so-subtle idiosyncracies with it.

Second, retrieve the LO bits and crumbles for it: the core file and the optional plug-ins such as the language pack you need (unless default en_US suffices for your needs). See how it fits within your knowledge of the installation process. Many people have succeeded installing it and this gives in my opinion a proof-of-concept that it works.

Third, once installed, learn how to use LO. As I mentioned earlier, several concepts are different from Word/Excel and some may shake your convictions. You must expect the learning curve will be first be rebuting before being rewarding.

Last, this site is not manned by paid profesionals from a support company. We all are passionate volunteers having found some satisfaction in LO and eager to return to the community the benefit we found in the application. Some of us are not even computer specialists, they just share their experience with a part of LO as writer, accountant, artist, ... in their day to day use of it.

If you want to get useful help, give useful "neutral" information. Describe precisely what you experience with which configuration. Give some indication on your computer skills. Specify your intent and sketch how you tried to implement it in clear and simple terms (remember that for most of us English is not our native language). This will help us not to waste our time, too.