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Spent the better part of today looking into this. Although I don't use PostgreSQL on a regular basis, I have it installed on Xubuntu 16.04 for testing purposes.

In researching your problem, I arrive at the same results as you have. Tried multiple JDBC connectors and SBDC only to have the same problem over & over. You are right in that it doesn't affect the record processing. I see no slowing in the process, but I also didn't use any tables of any size. There were no errors when just updating any of the tables individually, just when using subforms. I also had no problems with Queries or modifications made when using SQL Workbench/J.

I searched but found no bugs listed for this. It would be a good idea if you created one stating your problem. You can do so on Bugzilla - click here.

Have seen many other problems in past bug reports regarding this SBDC.