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Thank you for your answer.

However, I have been trying to put it to good practice but either my tables are too big or I am doing something wrong.

No matter what I do I always get "Err. 512".

I have been reading and as far as I can see, to reference a given pivot table all I have is to use a regular reference but do so inside curly brackets, is that true or am I missing something obvious?

So, let's say, I have a pivot table that, right now, goes from STOCK.A1 TO STOCK.AH609. So, if I open a new page and put this formula in the first cell of that new page, I should get an array containing the referenced range, true?


I have tried with bigger and smaller ranges, but I always get Err. 512, which seems to mean the formula is too large. The true meaning of that is a bit uncertain to me.

Sorry if I am missing something obvious, but never used arrays in localc before. :(