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Since you want a chart based upon information you don't have yet and this data is a cumulative figure, a macro is probably the best way to go.

If you have no experience in writing macros, this is a steep learning curve. Some information can be found in the LO documentation (click here) in Chapter 9 - Macros. Much more detailed information can be found in OOME by Andrew Pitonyak (PDF-click here).

There are two ways to generate a Chart in base - in Report Builder or displayed on a Form. Using a macro, generate this accumulated figure by reading existing data, and for each point required in the chart, save the appropriate information.

If the Chart is to be in Report Builder, as each point is generated, write a record out to a temporary table to be used within Report Builder. If the Chart is to be displayed on a form, the data is to be saved in an array. The completed array is passed to an area where the chart is created. For more information on creating a Chart in a Form, with working samples, see this post - click here.

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