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Just to refine the comment of @manj_k:

The site administrators (@cloph, @reinsle, @floeff, @alexanderwerner) are primarily responsible for running this site in a technical way - server infrastructure, database, webserver etc.pp. I for myself try to delete spam and vote at least once a week, @cloph is also very active when he finds the time, but we often have many many other construction sites (infrastructure migration, high availability, virtualization of services, documentation of services, automated configuration management, just to name a few).

The moderators (at the moment @MagicFab, @bjoern-michaelsen, @florian-reisinger) should cope with spam and do all sorts of housekeeping. But they haven't been active any more for quite some time, so it may be necessary to replace them.

I have started a call for moderators on the website list, if you want to become moderator please answer there :)