Convert pptx to html but no css and images

asked 2017-06-18 12:07:52 +0200

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I convert pptx to html with command like this

soffice --headless --convert-to html ./air_test.pptx --outdir /data/

then I got a bare HTML without any CSS and images.

when I try to use some filters ,like :

soffice --headless --convert-to html:HTML:EmbedImages ./air_test.pptx --outdir /data/

then I got errors.

convert /data/air_test.pptx -> /data//air_test.html using filter : HTML:EmbedImages Overwriting: /data//air_test.html Error: Please verify input parameters... (SfxBaseModel::impl_store <file: data="" air_test.html=""> failed: 0xc10)

how can I get the whole HTML with style and images?

what filters are supported by soffice?

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I'm using CentOS 3.10

henry_00 gravatar imagehenry_00 ( 2017-06-18 12:08:49 +0200 )edit