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alt + number(English vowels 0256 thru 0365)

asked 2017-07-11 19:15:17 +0200

Tracey End User gravatar image

Please add the use of upper and lower case English vowels (aeiou) with macron and breve: Alt+0256 thru Alt+0365

Thanks, Tracey End User

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answered 2017-07-11 20:23:38 +0200

Regina gravatar image

There is nothing to add. Using the way Alt+0256 with numbers from the Numpad, is a task for the operating system. For Windows search in internet for a registry entry "EnableHexNumpad". Linux has some other ways, but it is possible there too.

For LibreOffice write e.g. U+0256 and then use the uno command "Toggle Unicode Notation". You can add this command to a toolbar or use a short cut key. Depending on your language, a short cut key might be already assigned. For me it is Alt+X.

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answered 2017-07-12 19:23:09 +0200

Tracey End User gravatar image

If I type <alt>+0256 in [Word Pad] I see: Ā and when I type <alt>+0258 in [Word Pad] I see: Ă When I type <alt>+0256 and <alt>+0258 in LibreOffice write I see nothing (same for e i o u).

When I type <alt>+161 in LibreOffice write I see: ¡ If I do the same for all the Spanish specific characters they all appear correctly (like ¡!«»¿·?, áéíñóúü - both upper and lower case).

I am not sure what I am doing wrong, I would like to use the English vowels with the macron and the breve: (ĀāĂăĒēĔĕĪīĬĭŌōŎŏŪūŬŭ). Is there any setting I need to change? Please advise. Thanks Tracey

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You use decimal values, but you need hexadecimal values. For to get Ā, you have to use U+0100. The + belongs to the characters you have to press. If you have enabled "EnableHexNumpad" in the registry of Windows, you can use the hexadecimal values in all application including LibreOffice. Then it would be <alt>+0100 in WordPad too, so that you only need to learn one kind of values. I like the LibreOffice way of U+0100 more, because it does not need the Numpad.

Regina gravatar imageRegina ( 2017-07-12 21:25:24 +0200 )edit
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