Images from sub-documents get shrinked to text area in master-document [closed]

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Having a document with images in it, anchored "To Paragraph" or "To Character", which size is bigger than the page text area, on so they extend over page's margins and header, when the document is inserted in a master-document, images are deformed to fit vertically in master-doc page's text area, still extending on master's doc page's lateral margins.

Being the image's scaled layouts generated as SVG graphics, it's important for me to maintain the scale (wich is 100%) assigned in the sub-document and avoid its scale change as it's happening in the master-document.


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Find here the same question in spanish

guigonse gravatar imageguigonse ( 2017-07-14 16:47:00 +0100 )edit

Can you make the documents available for testing?

LibreTraining gravatar imageLibreTraining ( 2017-07-15 01:45:17 +0100 )edit

Already tried Shaping / In the background.

Schiavinatto gravatar imageSchiavinatto ( 2017-07-16 00:35:31 +0100 )edit