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How to create multiple sections with different styles

asked 2017-09-12 13:24:16 +0200

jannich gravatar image

I have a document in LibreOffice Writer containing multiple sections, each linking to a separate ASCII file. It appears that whenever I right click on a section and edit the style, the style changes for all sections. How can I define a separate style for each section? Thanks /Jannich

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answered 2017-09-12 14:48:33 +0200

pierre-yves samyn gravatar image


The text of the linked sections (.txt files) is formatted by the paragraph style: Preformatted Text. If you change this style, the changes apply to all text formatted with that style.

One workaround would be to insert these texts in .odt files, formatted with specific styles that will be kept with the link.


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