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How do I create an Avery label template to print in portrait mode

asked 2017-10-23 18:50:08 +0100

bds1959 gravatar image

Some months back, I found a procedure to create a template for Avery label 8163 (2x4) so that we can make the print portrait as opposed to the default landscape. I actually had to create a separate template just for the portrait. I named the templates Avery8163-2-by-4 and Avery8163-2-by-4-P - obviously the "-P" for the portrait template. My problem... I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE I FOUND THE PROCEDURE TO CREATE THE TEMPLATE! :( I'd like to do the same now for other size labels, but I can't find how! Can anyone please help!!!??? Thank you in advance!

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The default format for the 8163 label you quoted, and I think all labels, is Portrait, i.e. long side vertical. So do you want to create a Landscape label, long side horizontal?

peterwt gravatar imagepeterwt ( 2017-10-25 12:44:40 +0100 )edit

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answered 2017-11-01 03:18:21 +0100

bsmither gravatar image

My (very) little experience had me File, Save As..., File Type = Template from the dropdown.

I do not know if LO has a specific place to store templates as opposed to working documents.

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The location can be found under Tools > Options > Paths. By default it's a sub-folder of the LO user settings folder. (Version 5.4)

KH gravatar imageKH ( 2017-11-01 04:56:38 +0100 )edit

I will no longer use that feature. I had several templates that I had worked on quite a while to create and they disappeared the last time I updated LO (I recall someone else posting with the same problem but I couldn't find the post using the forums sorry search engine). I'm now storing all my templates in a folder on my computer. Whenever I need to use a template, I just go to that folder, double click on the appropriate template and it will open in LO.

Lady Fitzgerald gravatar imageLady Fitzgerald ( 2017-11-01 05:11:04 +0100 )edit

@Lady Fitzgerald I'm not familiar with that problem, but I'd guess that's because an upgrade somewhere along the line (probably from 3.x to 4.x) created a new user profile. But 5.x continues to use the same location as 4.x.

Personally, I use a combined solution: I have a folder in Dropbox where I keep my templates, and I also configure LO to use the same folder. Can't lose it, and you can still access it from within LO!

KH gravatar imageKH ( 2017-11-02 04:10:38 +0100 )edit
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