Problem with dropdown windows placement [closed]

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Drop down window for adjustment of lines between paragraphs opens accept/deny buttons below bottom of screen making it impossible to click them in order to adjust lines. This started after 2nd to last update with just the top fraction of the button above the bottom of screen being visible but button still worked. After last update buttons now completely disappear below bottom of screen. Unable to resize window to raise buttons to viewable height.

I would greatly appreciate any help that someone could provide or letting me know when/if this problem is fixed as I can not update LO until it is.

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What LO product are you working in? Writer? Calc? Impress? Draw? Can you tell us what product you are using and what, exactly, you are trying to do? Sounds like you are in Writer, but frankly I don't know what you mean by accept/deny buttons in relation to lines in Writer. I'm sure someone can help you if you reframe the problem with sufficient details for someone to try to reproduce the problem on his/her computer.

larrybradley gravatar imagelarrybradley ( 2021-01-22 05:53:49 +0200 )edit