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Java popup window [closed]

asked 2013-03-03 18:45:47 +0100

habadabeer gravatar image

updated 2020-07-13 11:59:41 +0100

Alex Kemp gravatar image

Every time I try to perform an action (return, tab, copy, paste...) I get a pop-up: "To open “java,” you need a Java SE 6 runtime. Would you like to install one now?". The action occurs (apparently without the need to install anything), but I must close this irritating dialog box repeatedly by selecting "not now". How do I make it stop? I'm using an iMac using OSX 10.8.2, and LibreOffice Version (Build ID: 53fd80e80f44edd735c18dbc5b6cde811e0a15c)

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3 Answers

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answered 2013-03-12 02:46:10 +0100

qubit gravatar image

Hi @habadabeer,

While some functions do require java, it's definitely possible to run LO without java installed.

I'm wondering if the issue is that you do have java, but there's some kind of version mismatch or java isn't installed properly, etc. As a result, LO might see that java exists, but then experiences some kind of unexpected problem when it tries to reach out and touch it :-)

Have you tried to install/update a Java runtime? That might be fastest way to make this pop-up go away.

Good luck!

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answered 2013-03-03 20:31:24 +0100

m.a.riosv gravatar image

Do a try resetting the user profile, sometimes solve strange issues.

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answered 2013-06-27 22:03:21 +0100

I'm having this same issue. OS X 10.8.4, LibreOffice Version (Build ID: 9e9821abd0ffdbc09cd8c52eaa574fa09eb08f2). This started happening immediately after installing LibreOffice. I've never installed Java.

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