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make a histogtram for unspecified data

asked 2018-01-21 17:52:42 +0200

mz32 gravatar image

i want to create a histogram or just a calculation for the repetition of the same value. but my problem that i don't know all option that the users was insert it in the table ex: if the table for the favourite animal for every person, we have many options in one column how can i do the sort of it in the easier way?

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answered 2018-01-22 00:47:49 +0200

Regina gravatar image

If you have data on a nominal level, you can use a "Pivot Table" (menu Data) to count them automatically. This tool does not need to know which values exist, but will count them up and list all different values with there amount. Make a column with column header and then all values. In the pivot table wizard drag the column header to the "Row field"and to the "Data field". In the "Data" field change the function from "sum" to "count". Afterwards you can generate a column chart from that table. Depending on you version you can use a pivot table chart. Such is linked to the pivot table and will update automatically, if the pivot table is updated.

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