Preserving case in find and replace

asked 2018-02-14 05:13:25 +0200

dtoan gravatar image

Suggest that I have 3 words "Left", "left" and "LEFT" in my text. I want to replace those with "Right", "right" and "RIGHT" in one go. Is there a way to do that?

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Let's generalize and look at this example:

abcdefg -> klmno

Now imagine this is encountered:


What should it become? Should the fourth-from-end character become capitalized (i.e., kLmno)? or should exactly 4th character become capitalized (so klmNo)? or must it be the character in the middle (-> klMno)?

Mike Kaganski gravatar imageMike Kaganski ( 2018-02-14 08:10:37 +0200 )edit

As far as I know, find and replace can not do that. If you want to request such a feature, as I recently known, feature requests are off-topic for this site. Follow the previous link to see where you can make your request.

RayoGlauco gravatar imageRayoGlauco ( 2018-02-14 12:47:43 +0200 )edit

In most cases when you use find and replace, there would be some words lie after the period with the first letter being capital. Having to replace two times with case sensitive would be a pain. So I think this feature is a need and in fact Microsoft Word has it.

dtoan gravatar imagedtoan ( 2018-02-15 04:37:15 +0200 )edit