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problem on a Libre Office document ?

asked 2018-03-03 08:21:17 +0200

Raymond Henry gravatar image


After copying paste on a Libre Office 5 document the correction of a dictation of the site "my dicté" .Il appears on this document a curious thing? (attachment)

I thank you for helping me.


GH C:\fakepath\Dictée.odt

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answered 2018-03-03 08:47:50 +0200

ajlittoz gravatar image

You did not describe the weird things happening. When I tried to open the attached document, LO Writer first objected twice that "path .../<doc_name>/content.xml does not exist" which would suggest that the *<doc_name>" (replace this with your file name) structure is damaged. Simultaneously, there is an enlarged icon of a blank document with an electric plug subtitled in red "Object 2" appearing in the upper left corner.

After dismissing the error dialogs and scrolling down then up, the big icon has disappeared and some grey text appears in its place.

Using the Navigator (Ctrl+F10), I see there are 2 "OLE objects" anchored to upper left corner of page. Selecting them and checking their properties with Format>Frame/Object, tab Wrap and Type, I get the explanation:

  • wrapping mode is set to Through (meaning other text will be set above it); setting it to None flushes main text outside its frame
  • position for both is at top left corner of page; positioning one somewhere else allows to display them separately.

It looks like your OLE objects contain duplicates of other paragraphs. I deleted them and the document reverted to "standard" appearance. But only you can tell of the objects contain meaningful text. You may have used an unintended tool while copying/pasting the original text resulting in these OLE objects. Mimic what I've done and check by yourself.

Bonne journée.

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