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I have a workbook set up where I have one page that contains four charts that track numbers from the other worksheets in the book. I have the charts all set up and formatted the way I like them. The problem is, I'll close the workbook tonight and shut down the system. When I come in tomorrow morning and load the workbook back up, all the charts will be changed. No data will be lost, only the look of the charts. The actual chart area in each wall will be small and shoved off to one side. The legends will be changed to a different size and in a different position, sometimes right in the middle of the chart.

I have the page protected, so nothing should be able to change the look of the charts, but it happens every time I reopen the workbook. Below is an example of what I see. The chart on top is what I keep setting it to look like. The chart on the bottom is what I find when I reopen the file each morning. The other charts on the page are column and line charts and they get changed, too.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Is it possible to post an example file? What is your OS and LibO version?

Gilberto Schiavinatto gravatar imageGilberto Schiavinatto ( 2018-03-04 23:09:16 +0200 )edit