Images blurry in .pptx after being converted from .odp file [closed]

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I just switched to using Impress, but because most places I speak only have Powerpoint, I must always convert my .odp file to a .pptx file. I've always used .jpg files in for images in my .pptx presentations. I've been doing the same in Impress. However, even at 300-500 dpi when I convert my .odp file to .pptx, the images never show up well in the .pptx being used on projectors.

If I have to always convert my .odp file to a .pptx file for the actual presentation, how do I fix this problem of my images looking terrible on the projector (it's strange that the images don't look bad on my desktop as I'm preparing the presentation).

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Not an answer, just a note: if your images are like screenshots (not a photographs or fine arts), then I would never suggest to use JPEG for that. Better use PNGs, which doesn't introduce the JPEG artifacts that are inevitable on sharp lines common to screenshot-like images and graphs.

Mike Kaganski gravatar imageMike Kaganski ( 2018-03-24 20:54:33 +0200 )edit

Have you examined the images in the new file to see if they have been modified?
It would be interesting to see if the images are the same (should be),
and/or if there are some display settings changes present in the new file.
Did you do the conversion in LO or in PP?
I have had better results when converting Writer files to DOCX when using Word rather than Writer.
Can you provide a one-image demo - both files, the before and after.

LibreTraining gravatar imageLibreTraining ( 2018-03-24 21:12:48 +0200 )edit