Why extra margins on business cards?

asked 2018-04-02 18:26:47 +0200

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I'm using Libre Office on a new install of uBuntu 16.04.4. When I print business cards that used to work before I reloaded uBuntu they printed fine - aligned properly with the Avery 5371 form I used. Now they don't line up - too much margin top and bottom, and some irregular gradient of position offset on the 2 column by 5 row card format. Vertical offset is the problem, horizontal alignment is fine. When Page format says 1.27 cm margin I am getting about twice that much. I have also tried using both the File - New - Label and File - New - Business card setup and reentering my information there. But the same vertical margin problem results. Any idea what setting I can adjust to eliminate the headings? If I say zero top/bottom margin in Page settings there is no change to the result.

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