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asked 2018-05-07 02:35:01 +0100

Rempelos gravatar image

How do I remove different flavors of dictionaries?

For example, during LO installation I've selected to setup the Spanish dictionary but I ended up having a dozen Spanish dictionaries (e.g. Colombia, Mexico, Chile, etc). I only want to keep the Spanish (Spain) dictionary and remove the rest.

During installation I can only select the "Spanish" dict and it will setup all the flavors.

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Read these guidelines and ask a good question. In particular, what is your operating system?

gabix gravatar imagegabix ( 2018-05-07 13:14:11 +0100 )edit

Sorry, my OS is Windows 7

Rempelos gravatar imageRempelos ( 2018-05-07 23:03:26 +0100 )edit