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How to make a shortcut key in Writer for "Export to pdf"? [closed]

asked 2018-05-11 20:51:23 +0200

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updated 2021-06-26 13:48:08 +0200

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The known procedure for defining a keyboard shortcut for the menu operations File - Export As - Export Directly to PDF does not work with LO 6.0.3 and the latest Mac OS. Using the functions "Export" or "PDF" and assigning a shortcut key results in a dialog box to "Save" the file, with the default format of .png. I could see no way to change the default to .pdf (which is a selectable option).

Does anyone know a way to get the shortcut key to default to saving as .pdf? Thank you.

(Edit: 6.03.02 (released 07-Sep-2019) changed to 6.0.3 (released 22-Mar-2018) -AK)

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answered 2018-05-12 00:30:20 +0200

jsheats gravatar image

I'll leave the question up, as maybe someone else has had the same problem. After transferring status from one computer to another, the key assignment for PDF export works as it is supposed to, with the note that one must choose the second PDF listing (as noted by someone else in another part of this website). Sorry for the confusion, but I have no idea why it works now and didn't before the transfer. Perhaps I did something wrong before and could not see it.

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answered 2018-05-12 01:35:47 +0200

LibreTraining gravatar image

See mentioned "(as noted by someone else in another part of this website)" explanation
with screenshots here:

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