How can I add 'Recent files' to the 'Insert' menus (for image, media, chart, object, etc.)?

asked 2018-06-03 08:35:54 +0200

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Hello, Since I moved to LibreOffice I can't see anymore the 'Recent files' option in any of the 'Insert' emergent menus (image, object, audio, etc.) None of them shows anything recently used by me :(
It used to display .jpg, .txt, and any other file etensions used by me in any other program. I had to add manually the directories that use most of the times. However, I really miss the 'Recent files' option. image description

It seems it's independent of the 'Recent Files' displayed at the principal menu (when you open LibreOffice). image description

Hoping it's an easy one. Can anyone help me? Please.

My OS: Ubuntu 17.10

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