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I need a help with "Track Changes" in Writer. I run macro with method uno:ProtectTraceChangeMode. But LibreOffice show me window with Enter and Confirm fields. Its OK. But I need automation protection of changes in document via macro. How I can set password in parameter for automation run Protect Changes of document? I found nothing details in UNO documentation about ProtectTraceChangeMode method. The main target: Enable\Disable Track Changes protect via macros without input password in GUI of LibreOffice My marco code:

sub Main 
dim document as object 
dim dispatcher as object 
rem get access to the document 
document = ThisComponent.CurrentController.Frame 
dispatcher = createUnoService("") 
dim args1(0) as new 
args1(0).Name = "ProtectTraceChangeMode" 
args1(0).Value = true 
dispatcher.executeDispatch(document, ".uno:ProtectTraceChangeMode", "", 0, args1()) 
end sub

Please, Help. Best regards, Lev Kudryashov.

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