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how to merge several documents into one

asked 2018-06-25 16:10:06 +0200

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I would like to know how to merge several documents int one master document.

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We assume you mean Writer Documents?

Xoristzatziki gravatar imageXoristzatziki ( 2018-06-25 21:25:21 +0200 )edit

3 Answers

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answered 2018-06-25 17:08:49 +0200

kompilainenn gravatar image

create a master document

open Navigator

Push icon Insert->File

Select your documents and select Open

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answered 2020-06-16 15:13:41 +0200

Flimm gravatar image
  • Create a new blank document in LibreOffice writer
  • Click "Insert", "Text from file..."
  • Choose the document to insert
  • Repeat for every document that you want to insert
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answered 2020-06-16 16:15:26 +0200

torreone gravatar image

If you don't really need the master document and you just need a dynamic link with other files just insert in the final document as many sections as there are files to insert and link each section to the relative document.

Any changes to the individual documents will be found in the final document containing the sections

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