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Hi there I hope you can help. I am having major issues. I am a kitchen designer, and have formulated our company logo onto a blank document to be used when I paste a design to send to clients or colleagues. However, I am having issues with it when I attempt to export as pdf. It leaves the company logo formuated at the bottom of the page off. I also don't appear to be able to save the document in the first instance, to anything other than ODT file etc. What am I doing wrong please?

Second issue, is related to Xcel files. I have tried in vain to add the header, which is present on our xcel master copy. I googled and tried all suggested therein. I don't seem to be able to find convert to etc, on libreoffice.

I am new to libreoffice, and have used my initiative but to no avail.

Please can you assist. Many Thanks Trish

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Part 1, please complete your specifications with the information about the LO version used and the OS you are using. Describe how to insert the logo. Which (image) format has the logo? Part 2, about Excel please ask a new question. Why do you use the Tag "math"? Excel is analogous to Calc.

To change please edit your question.

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