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calc: Format of email address

asked 2018-08-20 20:37:05 +0200

Bob Coleman gravatar image

If I enter what is, or looks like, an email address, it changes to blue text on a gray background and can be ctrl-clicked to open an email to the apparent email address. Is there some way to make it use the default formatting of the sheet, i.e. black test on white background?

I don't want to remove the functionality of the email address, just the different colors.

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answered 2018-08-20 23:53:32 +0200

Liberty Belle gravatar image

To change the color of the hyperlink text, go into LibreOffice Preferences. In the first section, LibreOffice, you will see a sub-section for Application Colors. Change both Unvisited and Visited links to black.

Changing hyperlink text colors

Unfortunately, I do not know how to remove the gray background from these cells. Maybe someone else does.

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