how to change theme via firefox?

asked 2018-09-03 04:24:27 +0100

Maximillium gravatar image

Someplace in these dialogs/sites I read that LO theme could be acquired from the Mozilla Firefox theme repos - but now I can't find that piece of information. I tried it when I found it, but LO didn't seem to be able to "search" for the URL on the intenet so presently stymied.

I believe it's possible to do, but can't find out how. The URL to the desired theme is: link text

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I'm having the same problem - when LibreOffice "searches" for the theme via the URL, it tells me to try again later... I wonder if this is because of the recent (ish) change to Web Extensions (which work quite differently to how extensions worked in the past)?

Gregory Opera gravatar imageGregory Opera ( 2018-09-06 10:59:29 +0100 )edit