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Linux Mint 19, Libre office loading full but not opening?

asked 2018-09-28 22:19:48 +0200

seysen gravatar image

Newly setted up linux on my laptop and tried to open this Libreoffice which seems to be linux alternative for Microsoftoffice. The loading bar loads but nothing ever opens. Any help?

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2 Answers

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answered 2018-09-30 20:59:13 +0200

dexl gravatar image

Yes, do post the output from the Terminal. Just so you know, I have a newly installed Linux Mint 19 and it opens up fine on my end.

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answered 2018-09-29 22:36:38 +0200

KickMeElmo gravatar image

If you open terminal and type "libreoffice", does it show any error messages?

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