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Tab to choose next autocomplete suggestion

asked 2018-10-03 04:32:55 +0200

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I'm entering people into various assignments, using Calc. Below each assignment is a list of all the people possible to assign to that task. This speeds me up greatly since all I have to do is start typing the first letter of their name and the rest will autocomplete. The problem comes when two people have the same first name.

When I was using OpenOffice, I could type the first letter and then hit Tab to switch between the various options. But in Libre Office the tab key simply moves to the next cell. Is there a way to quickly switch to the next option of autocomplete?

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answered 2018-10-03 07:21:40 +0200

Use Ctrl+Tab to forward the suggestion; use Shift+Ctrl+Tab to go in opposite direction.

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