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Spreadsheet toolbars

asked 2018-10-05 03:29:22 +0200

Sol gravatar image

Currently two toolbars on the spreadsheet & while I can remove unwanted icons from each, how do I make the two into one toolbar? Ron

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answered 2018-10-05 06:43:40 +0200

KH gravatar image

I see two ways to do this.

  1. Keep both both toolbars, putting them next to each other in one row by drag-and-drop. Grab the dots on the left edge of the bottom ("formatting") toolbar, and move it to the right of the top ("standard") toolbar. Then, customize as needed.

  2. First switch to the "single toolbar" view, which by default has an appropriate number of items for one row. Go View > Interface > Single Toolbar. This will replace the "Standard" and "Formatting" toolbars with a separate one, called "Standard (Single Mode)". Then, customize as needed.

The first method is basically the same as Ratslinger's method, but possibly quicker since you will probably just need to hide/unhide items rather than, say, adding all the formatting items to the standard toolbar.

The second method is even quicker if you like the defaults, with the extra advantage that you can easily switch back to the "Standard Toolbar" to restore the two-toolbar layout.

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answered 2018-10-05 08:44:37 +0200

Sol gravatar image

Thank you for that - I did the drag & drop. Ron

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Assuming this was meant to be a reply to me. (Please "comment", not "answer", next time!) Glad to help! You should upvote/accept the answer accordingly.

KH gravatar imageKH ( 2018-10-10 00:08:51 +0200 )edit

answered 2018-10-05 05:51:53 +0200

Ratslinger gravatar image

updated 2018-10-05 06:24:43 +0200


There is no merging or combining of toolbars or menus.

It is almost as easy to add icons to a toolbar as it is to remove them. Simply pick one of the two, delete what is not wanted & add the items you wanted. In LO v6.1.x the right side panels (in Customize->Toolbars) are the available toolbars. The left side panels contain the all the items available (more than what is on existing toolbars). When finished just save & use that toolbar.

If not satisfied, just modify again or to return to defaults, select Reset button.

Please note use of Scope selection. One is for ALL spreadsheets (module) & the other is just for a single document.

For more information on this, see -> Getting Started with LibreOffice - Chapter 14 Customizing LibreOffice.

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