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LO fails to launch

asked 2018-10-14 02:23:48 +0100

Coaster gravatar image

Following on from my previous question where LO crashed then would not launch even after uninstalling then installing the latest version, after I tried a few more times it did finally launch. LO then tried unsuccessfully several times to recover 2 documents and finally loaded up.

So I don't know how the problem fixed itself although there was a major Win10 update in the intervening period between when LO would not launch and when it did, so maybe that was the cure. Anyway, I did not receive any response to my initial question so this is just to inform whoever is supposed to be concerned with these questions - somewhat undefined.

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answered 2018-10-14 02:26:35 +0100

Coaster gravatar image

This box only appeared after I submitted the answer as another question. The LO problem-solving process seems rather impractical and ill-defined (my Capcha question was phrased in Chinese even though my language selection was English - pleased that LO works better than this problem process)

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Of course the Your Answer box appears only after the question was submitted and the question is visited again.. still, your answer is not an answer to the question. Please use add a comment for comments.

erAck gravatar imageerAck ( 2018-10-14 20:19:06 +0100 )edit
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