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What are the limits to adding photos for slide show?

asked 2018-11-09 17:42:39 +0200


I must have hit the wall. On a beefy linux box, i7 4.2GHz, 32GRAM, adding hundreds of pics with the slide show option, it sits, pulling max CPU, for 20 hours after I stopped it forcibly. No menu options available, SIGTERM the only way.

So what are the limits? I imagine most are based on the box, but this is a very capable box...


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answered 2018-11-09 19:25:23 +0200

ebot gravatar image

As you correctly suspect, the hardware plays an important role. However, it is reasonable to make sure that the inserted images should not have too large a file format. Since it is advisable to reduce the images beforehand with a corresponding image editing program. Especially as of LO version 6, the integration of images has been improved. It is well known that files with "excessive" many and large image files can become very slow.

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If all you are doing is a slideshow through MANY photos without putting text on top of them, Impress isn't the ideal solution, since it embeds each image into the Impress document. Lean image viewers like Irfanview simply display the photos one at a time without doing anything at all to system resources, and most of them have the ability to play through a list or folder of images like a slideshow, full screen. Some have fancy transition effects too.

PhLo gravatar imagePhLo ( 2018-11-10 04:15:28 +0200 )edit
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