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need math in a cell pointer syntax help

asked 2018-11-10 06:12:21 +0100

Todd2 gravatar image

updated 2018-11-10 06:23:44 +0100

Hi All,

What is the proper syntax for?


I am trying to pick out the information stored in E5, E13, E21, etc, based on the value of B4, which is hard coded to 1,2,3,4...

Many thanks, -T

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2 Answers

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answered 2018-11-10 23:15:29 +0100

Todd2 gravatar image

E5, E13, E21 are on a different sheet called Loads


Thank you!!!

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Correct answer was given by @SM_Riga. The cells being on a different page was never mentioned in the OP.

Ratslinger gravatar imageRatslinger ( 2018-11-11 05:20:53 +0100 )edit

The original question left out the sheet for simplicity. I marked it as an answer because it included the complete syntax I needed. And it about killed me to figure it out, so I shared to help others. I also marked SM's response as an answer because he had answered to original simplified question.

Todd2 gravatar imageTodd2 ( 2018-11-11 06:22:36 +0100 )edit

Only one response can be marked as the accepted answer. The only one marked is yours. The upvote on SM answer was placed there by myself.

Also, questions should be complete. If you are looking for something, ask. That information can lead to other possibilities. That is partially the reason there are many comments asking for more information.

Ratslinger gravatar imageRatslinger ( 2018-11-11 07:00:34 +0100 )edit

answered 2018-11-10 08:48:51 +0100

Hello @Todd2. Is this what you are looking for:

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