Show tracked changes from linked files in master document workaround

asked 2018-12-24 12:34:55 +0200

Emanuele Gissi gravatar image

Currently tracked changes from the linked chapters are not imported into the master document (see issue: 121166).

Do you know/imagine any workaround to show tracked changes from linked files in master document? Any proposed approach for a script?

This is critical for my current project...

(Happy holidays, if applicable)

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After a long discussion on OO Forum, the issue has a workaround, but not a solution:

So I set up a crowdfunding:

And got in contact with one developer to solve the issue for the whole Community. I will keep you posted

Emanuele Gissi gravatar imageEmanuele Gissi ( 2019-01-29 07:54:11 +0200 )edit