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how do you transfer material from internet to Libre Off?

asked 2019-01-18 16:30:49 +0100

norma gravatar image

How do you send material from the internet to the Libre Office??

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answered 2019-01-18 18:03:05 +0100

mixer gravatar image

The question is unclear. What do you mean by "from the internet"? What do you mean by "send"? What exactly do you want to do?

If there is a text you want to copy from the browser window to LibreOffice Writer, then select the text with your mouse, click the right mouse button and select "Copy". Then go to the Writer window, and choose either "Edit/Paste" option (in this case you might need to clear the text a bit from empty table cells, etc) or "Edit/Paste Special" (here you can choose a variety of different paste options; some work better than others depending on the situation, but the least complicated and generally speaking the best option in addition to the default paste is "Unformatted text").

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