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Data > Subtotals - What are these lines?

asked 2019-02-13 16:49:20 +0100

libreofficeUser30872 gravatar image

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See (1) in the image. What are those lines over the Birthday field? Why were they created for only the Birthday field? And how do I get rid of them? The minus sign changes to a plus sign when clicked, and causes the Birthday column to be hidden or shown (Column C).

When I created Subtotals via the procedure below, these lines were created over the Birthday field. Even if I Remove the Subtotals (Data > Subtotals... > Remove), they won't go away.

Data > Subtotals...

  1st Group
    Group by: Department
    Calculate subtotals for: Salary
    Use function: Sum
  2st Group
    Group by: Department
    Calculate subtotals for: Salary
    Use function: Count
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Please share a sample file, so someone can test.

m.a.riosv gravatar imagem.a.riosv ( 2019-02-14 22:26:38 +0100 )edit

2 Answers

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answered 2019-02-15 10:14:16 +0100

libreofficeUser30872 gravatar image

updated 2019-02-16 16:08:14 +0100

This is just an update to include a sample file. I couldn't update my original question (I did an update, save, everything looked okay, no error, but when I came back to the question it wasn't updated.)
(original source)

Sorry about posting spreadsheet as an answer. I have not figured out why I'm having problems with

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Please edit a question for an update instead of posting an answer, which it is not. Thanks. You probably did not reload the page but just went back to it.

erAck gravatar imageerAck ( 2019-02-15 11:33:23 +0100 )edit

answered 2019-02-15 11:36:39 +0100

erAck gravatar image

These are groupings. Go to the Birthday header cell and hit Ctrl+F12 (menu Data -> Group and Outline -> Ungroup).

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Hi @Eike with every Data/Subtotals a new group for the Birthday field it's create, no matter moving their column's position, looks like a bug.

m.a.riosv gravatar imagem.a.riosv ( 2019-02-15 14:10:08 +0100 )edit

Might be .

erAck gravatar imageerAck ( 2019-02-18 17:33:18 +0100 )edit

After some test it's something with the format in the file, copying to a new file with format reproduce the issue, but not copying without format to a new file. Copying the 'Birthday' column to a new one, does not reproduce the issue in the new column but remains in the old. If you think it's fine I can report the bug, but seems specific of this file.

m.a.riosv gravatar imagem.a.riosv ( 2019-02-18 22:37:55 +0100 )edit
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