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How to center the document on screen based on a selected element ?

asked 2019-02-16 17:43:57 +0100

MarcioAB gravatar image

Is it possible to select an element and then somehow view the document having this element exactly on the center of screen ?

As a complement, is it possible to use 'Find Text" and somehow view the document having the element that contain this Text, exactly on the center of screen ?

Thank you. Marcio

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answered 2019-02-17 10:16:37 +0100

pierre-yves samyn gravatar image


  • The Divide key on the numeric keypad zooms in on the selection.
  • Use the * key to zoom back to the entire page.

Draw & Impress group these possibilities together in the Zoom toolbar.

See this video (in french). See help.


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Thank you Pierre 👍, your help solved my question.

In fact this solved both questions because "Object Zoom" function on the "text found" also, not only on "selected element".

MarcioAB gravatar imageMarcioAB ( 2019-02-17 13:00:51 +0100 )edit
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