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BASE - Data content could not be loaded error

asked 2019-03-15 22:26:35 +0200

Justin100 gravatar image

My backend database is mysql on Windows 10 connected to LO using the mysql JDBC connector.

I am having a known issue when opening a pre LO 6.1 ODB file after upgrading to LO 6.1+. When trying to open the ODB file I now get the following error message:

The data content could not be loaded. Parameter index out of range (1 > number of parameters, which is 0).

This issue is described in detail here:

I am having a problem following the solution instructions in 'Comment 24" which are as follows:

Open the *.odb-file with a packing-program ("Zip", here on Linux it's called "Ark"). content.xml should be moved outside the *.odb-file (Unzip only this file). Take a simple text-editor (I use Kate in Linux ...) and open content.xml. Search for db:parameter-name-substitution="false" and delete this. Save the new content.xml Delete old content.xml in the *.odb-file with the packing-program. Move the new content.xml into the *.odb-file.

This is what I have done.

  • Used PeaZip to move content.xml to a different, non-archived, folder.

  • Used a text editor to remove exactly the text - db:parameter-name-substitution="false"

  • Tried but was unable delete the content.xml in the OBD file.

  • Tried to add the altered content.xml file back to my ODB file opened in PeaZip but this action is not allowed.

So, my question is: How do I do this? Of course, if there is an easier way to solve this problem please let me know!

All help is greatly appreciated!!!

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answered 2019-03-15 23:26:57 +0200

Ratslinger gravatar image


There is an easier method. You can run a macro. You don't even need to enter the macro just install an extension.

Just answered this recently -> Form got broken with Libreoffice Base version and later [MySQL(ODBC)]. The link to the extension is in the answer. It mentions Firebird but applies here also.

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@Ratslinger, you are very kind to help so many people on this list! Your solution worked like a charm. Thank you again for your help!

Justin100 gravatar imageJustin100 ( 2019-03-16 02:59:26 +0200 )edit
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