Websocket(server&client) between browser and LibreOffice Online

asked 2019-03-20 04:06:10 +0200

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Because some reason, I want to create a websocket in the middle of browser and LOOL.

I change value of "window.host" in "loleaflet.html" to my websocket address. My websocket can receive websocket request from browser(LOOL ws client) and forward to LOOL websocket server, and vice versa.

After received and sent some packet beetween browser(lool client) and LOOL websocket server, LOOL websocket server close connection with reason TOO_BIG.

I don't change anything in the content of message. Please guide me to fix this problem.

Below is log at my websocket.

Client connected

Connect to: ws://X.X.X.X:9980/lool/file%3A%2F%2F%2Ftmp%2Ftest.txt%3Fpermission%3Dedit/ws

LOOL webSocket open

LOOL sent: statusindicator: find

LOOL sent: statusindicator: connect

LOOL sent: statusindicator: ready

Client sent: loolclient 0.1

Client sent: load url=file%3A%2F%2F%2Ftmp%2Ftest.txt part=0 lang=en

Client sent: useractive

Client sent: clientvisiblearea x=0 y=0 width=12525 height=8835

Client sent: clientzoom tilepixelwidth=512 tilepixelheight=512 tiletwipwidth=3840 tiletwipheight=3840

Client sent: canceltiles

Client sent: tilecombine part=0 width=512 height=512 tileposx=0,3840,7680,11520,0,3840,7680,11520,0,3840,7680,11520,0,3840,7680,11520 tileposy=0,0,0,0,3840,3840,3840,3840,7680,7680,7680,7680,11520,11520,11520,11520 tilewidth=3840 tileheight=3840

LOOL sent: lastmodtime: 2019-03-19T08:17:47.000000Z

LOOL sent: loolserver { "Version": "master..", "Hash": "9d1c6f03", "Protocol": "0.1" }

LOOL sent: lokitversion { "ProductName": "LibreOffice", "ProductVersion": "6.3", "ProductExtension": ".0.0.alpha0", "BuildId": "47faab780f2a099715a95ce6f3c5228f0fe0c599" }

LOOL webSocket close TOO_BIG

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