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Hi all,

I have a table that stores the hours an employee works for each day of the week. What I would like is to have a nice grid view that has the days of the week going across and all the employees down the left hand side. The rota table has a foreign key to the employee table, so each employee would be one row of that that table. The primary key is a composite key with the start date of the week (Sunday). So, basically, I would like all active employees from the employee table to be added to the Rota table when a new weeks rota is created. Then the user can just go down the rows and set the times. This way, employees do not need to be added manually, since all active employees will be added to the rota, even if on holiday, because that must be recorded.

I have an image of what I mean. I mocked it up real quick in Calc, but it should help show. Also, is it possible to get headings in the Table Control that scroll with the sub headings, so I can have a big heading for Sunday, then the sub headings for start and finish, like in the picture?

image Rota Example

EDIT1: I thought of another challenge. There are two fields in the Employee table that need to be copied to the Rota Table: Pay Rate and Employee Position, as pay and promotions happen. These need to be "Archived" so to speak. I tried tests using INSERT INTO, but it seems that's not supported? Is there a way I can add Employees to this rota table for a given week date and have these two fields transferred over in the background without user intervention?

Thanks, Jon

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