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How to make header print on just the first page?

asked 2019-03-29 20:25:47 +0100

rmppod gravatar image

I tried to do a "conditional print expression", but could not put together anything to work. The approach I would like to try is to test the page number global variable and if the page number is less than 2 print on the page, otherwise, do not print on page numbers greater than 2. Do I need to know the page number varible or is there another way to accomplish this?

Thanks for any information you can provide.


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BTW, don't post twice. You won't get more attention.

ajlittoz gravatar imageajlittoz ( 2019-03-29 20:53:20 +0100 )edit

Sorry, I didn't realize I posted more than once.

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answered 2019-03-29 20:50:49 +0100

ajlittoz gravatar image

You don't need "conditional print expression".

The page number usually goes inside the header or footer of the page. Footer/header are attributes of the page style in use.

Open the styles side pane with F11 and select the page styles (fourth icon from left in the toolbar). The style in use is highlighted (likely to be /Default Style in your case). Right-click on it and Modify.

Got to the Header or Footer tab. Enable it. Uncheck Same content on first page.

Now you have an independent header or footer for the first page. Put the page number field in the header/footer of the first page and nothing in the header/footer of page 2. Your page number appears only on the first page.

You can also proceed vice versa, i.e. no page number on first page and page number on pp. 2+.

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