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From fromula to text

asked 2019-04-06 18:45:39 +0200

guntun gravatar image

Sometimes I have to work in a hurry. What is the fastest way to convert the current text and numbers from the formulas behind in the cell , to just text (and numbers). This can save time for me in some processes. (Now I mark the cells, then Ctrl-C , and so Shift-Ctrl Alt- V)

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answered 2019-04-06 18:53:45 +0200

Copying and pasting as plain text, as you do, is one possibility. Another is using Paste Special (Ctrl+Shift+V) and select appropriate values in the dialog; this would require one additional action (pressing Enter) after initial setup, but might allow you to control things better.

Yet another (dedicated) method is DataCalculateFormula to Value. There's no default keyboard shortcut set for the action, but you may set one yourself using ToolsCustomize....

And yet another is using DataText to Columns..., but it's not a fastest way.

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answered 2019-04-07 18:15:01 +0200

guntun gravatar image

Ok, maybe I will continue to use my method , but thanks for your answer!

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answered 2019-04-07 21:56:17 +0200

Lupp gravatar image

updated 2019-04-07 22:02:24 +0200

===Edit 2019-04-07 22:02 CET===
Just had finished the answer below when I got aware of the fact that it can be done for all the cells in many sheets in one go with one sequence of Ctrl+C and Shift+Ctrl+V after having multi-selected the sheets to be affected.
===End Edit===

Needing to do this repeatedly for many sheets of spreadsheet documents may induce the wish to have a programmed process for the purpose. If that's you situation, you may check the user code contained in this attachment. It's a slightly reworked version of an example containing user code I wrote some time ago.
Be careful. No guarantee of any kind!
Already for testing you should probably move the code to your local 'Standard' library for Basic scripts.

There is this old thread in this site.
There also is this closely related thread in the (It's sadly blown up, however.)

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