Can't connect LO to JRE.

asked 2019-04-20 19:20:45 +0200

LogHomeGuy gravatar image

I'm setting up a new windows 10 computer. In trying to install LO, I ran into the jre problem I've seen here before, and I can't get around it. I first installed the JRE - Java 8, update 211. Result was a folder & files in C:/program files (x86). I asked for the 64 bit version, but that's what I got. I suspect my problem relates to the x86 location maybe?? Then installed LO, selecting Winx86_64, LO_6.2.3_Win_x64. Ran LO, and got the missing jre error, so I went into tools/options/advanced to try to connect to the jre. Clicked on the folder C:/Program Files (x86), jre1.8.0_211, and got the message: "The folder you selected does not contain a Java runtime environment. Please select a different folder." I've tried to follow all the info I can find here on this topic, but I'm just running in circles. Can anyone here help? Thank you very much!

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