How to handle non tabular html content in Libreoffice calc?

asked 2019-04-22 01:23:13 +0100

zwastik gravatar image

updated 2019-04-22 01:58:47 +0100

In Excel there is an add-in called "Power Query" (from Office 2016 and onward it's called "Get & Transform" and it's a native feature) that let's you handle external data sources in various ways. One such way is through the "Power Query Editor", which has a gui and a language, the "Power Query M language". With the help of this tool one can handle non tabular html content in excel, as explained here. Is there such a tool in Libreoffice? if not, how could i achieve the same functionality?

eg: Take a hx html heading containing a number (I guess it would be a string variable value) and import it to a calc cell, which would be updated every x time.


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